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Bespoke Teambuilding Programmes

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Team Theory Workshops / Bespoke Teambuilding Programmes

Bespoke Teambuilding Programmes

As our name suggests, we can also provide bespoke Teambuilding Solutions! Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. You can feel assured that we will listen to your individual areas of focus. We will then design a team building programme to deliver the results you want. We make a promise to listen and to deliver according to you. During this phase, we will talk to you about creating something special and long-lasting - not an off-the-shelf solution.

The process involves a three stage programme:

1. Research 
- To set the objectives
- To understand the challenges
- To agree the required results
- To agree the success measurement

2. Development

 - To design the team and management programmes
 - To agree the level of management involvement
 - To help the delegates to address the challenges
 - To develop and review the action plans
 - To develop the stage 3 review criteria

3. Review

 - To embed the programme learning points in the review process
 - To help the managers implement effective reviews
 - To provide management with visibility of the performance and ability of all team members

4. To Develop Results

Depending on the outcome of the review process, we may suggest one or two day leadership workshops, with price examples below, or a training process that runs over the course of a number of years which will then become embedded into the company culture.

Example of how much a Teambuilding Workshop Costs

Bespoke One Day Teambuilding Workshop
 - For up to 10 delegates, including profile analysis
 - Four interaction activities
 - £85 per additional delegate
Cost: £995

Bespoke Two Day Teambuilding Workshop
 - For up to 10 delegates, including profile analysis
 - Eight interaction activities
 - £60 per additional delegate
Cost: £2,495

Bespoke Teambuilding Day Bespoke treasure hunt for 75 participants Cost from: £749 *All prices are exclusive of venue and refreshment costs and any travel expenses incurred by the trainer that is over 100 miles

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