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Team Theory Workshops / Dealing with Change

Dealing With Change Workshop

For our Dealing with Change Workshop we like to live by the rule of KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetheart! We use some excellent tools to identify our openness to change and our attitude.

The change workshop begins with an energising icebreaker. This is to introduce the participants to the concept of change and how we should always be open to it. We then use some insightful questionnaires to provide us with a starting point for discussion. A frank and open discussion is encouraged about the nature of current change within the organisation and if we are doing enough to help facilitate it.

The session is supported by facilitated experiential team building activities. These help to highlight change and to give us some further insights into our understanding of the change process.

Our favorite activity for this session is Reach For The Stars. It has a number of different elements in which the delegates must participate if their team is to be successful. The goal posts are moved regularly, so teams must adapt to the changes to survive. This exercise will stretch, motivate and bring home many of the messages required when discussing change within an organisation.

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