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Decision Management Programme

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Decision Management Programme

Decision Management Programme

It’s fair to say that in any organisation, making decisions is important. Every day in business decisions are made, some minuscule and some quite impactful. However, no matter the size, they all have an impact. 
For an organisation to be termed ‘high performing,’ good decision making needs to be encouraged - not just among senior managers, but at all levels. What we aim to do is provide the attendees of this course the way to prioritise the important aspects of the choices they are faced with so as to come up with decisions in a balanced, well-reasoned manner.
We don’t underestimate the fact that decision making can be difficult, especially collective decisions where people and emotions are involved. Often, both the situation and the environment are highly pressured and unfortunately this leads to a lack of decision making or inaction.
This course is Inspired by the step-by-step decision-making process perfected by the military, We work with ex-military personnel to create a unique and effective Decision Management Programme that develops good decision-making within an organisation.

 How does it work?

The Decision Management Programme demonstrates how to:

•Set the context around which a decision must be made
•Evaluate all factors involved and develop possibilities
•Assess each possibility against set criteria to identify the best option
•Develop this into the best possible decision.
The programme uses a combination of desk-top exercises, experiential activities and organisational “real life” situations. The Decision Management Programme also embraces how to successfully ‘sell’ the decision to stakeholders and customers, how to communicate decisions effectively and how repeated re-evaluation of the decision will ensure that it remains on track for ultimate long-term success. 

Decision Management Programme Level 1

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