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DMP - Lv 3

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Decision Management Programme - Level 3

Decision Management Programme - Level 3

 It’s fair to say that Level 3 is the most adventurous of the DMP training packages and it P3 really tests individuals by taking them out of their comfort zone.  

 We know that making decisions in the workplace isn’t always easy and stress free - there are often time pressures, managing budgets and cash flow, or human factors, such as work load or personal stress. Out of the work place and on a training course, these pressures are not naturally present and so we recreate them!

 How does it work?

 Set in the New Forest National Park the participants are given minimal instruction and must decide the best way to get to a rendezvous point on a limited budget. 

Briefed individually but with information about their colleagues, there are plenty of options if they properly analyse the problem.

 Once at the rendezvous point, it doesn’t stop there as they are introduced to their new business territory.  The problems, challenges and tasks are perhaps not quite what they are used to, but the objectives and goals are all tailored to match your business.

 It’s fair to say that this course is a combination of brains and brawn, it is not extreme but the lack of creature comforts is enough to recreate a pressurised decision-making environment.

 Duration - 3 days

Must have completed an introduction session to attend.

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