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DMP Level 1

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Team Theory Workshops / Decision Management Programme - Level 1

Decision Management Programme - Level 1

Decision Management Programme - Level 1
This course introduces participants to the principles of good decision making and sets the conditions to allow for decisions to be made. We also examine the current process of decision making within their organisation.

 How does it work?

 Looking first at the nature and purpose of teams, the participants' organisational structure is then explored to better understand the context within which their decisions have to be taken. 

 We highlight why individual action is so important and how to develop engagement and increase influence across the organisation. Creative thinking techniques and evaluating tools are also examined to better understand their validity in the decision making process.

 Participants are then introduced to a tried and tested structured thinking technique used by armed forces throughout the world, often in extreme conditions! By the end of the course, participants understand the how and why of effective decision making - a must for every organisation!

 Duration - 2 full days

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