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DMP - Level 2

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Decision Management Programme - Level 2

Decision Management Programme - Level 2
This course leads on from and is a step up from DMP1 and is where pressure really begins to be applied to participants!

 How does it work?

 Participants are given a complicated scenario where they must identify priorities and work out logistical problems. The group works both individually and as a team if they are to come up with the correct solutions in the one hour timeframe.

 It’s then time to head outside to the real world and the afternoon is spent outdoors, making decisions through a number of task-planning exercises. Communication is a key factor of this course, and eventually as the group start to pull together their performance inexorably improves. 

 The day is both thrilling and demanding. One which participants will remember profoundly as they will have learned a lot about themselves, their ability to communicate and the value of team-work. 

Duration - 1 day

Must have completed an introduction session to attend.

Once completed, participants can then move onto the level 3 programme. Please click the link below for more information:

Decision Management Programme - Level 3

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