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Effective Communication

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Team Theory Workshops / Effective Communication

Effective Communication Workshops

Did you know that our bodies, via all of their five senses, take in approximately three million bits of information every minute? If that is a surprise to you, it should come as no surprise that we filter the information and process it differently in each individual. 
It is partly due to this huge amount of processed information that we are often lacking in our communication effectiveness.
There is a tendency to assume that what we are communicating is easily understood. This is because we already understand what we are trying to communicate. As we have probably found out on a number of occasions, this is not always the case.

Influence of Technology

There is also the influence that technology has on our communication styles. There is less and less face-to-face communication and more and more reliance on e-mails as our preferred medium of communicating. 
Even the humble telephone is becoming increasingly less used, unless you are texting that is!
How are we dealing with these changes and do we see a generation gap in how they are being used?
How do people starting out on their working career differ to those coming to the end of theirs and can these two groups communicate in a way that's appropriate to both parties?

There are a number of techniques that we can adopt in order to keep pace with these developments and to help tailor communication and leadership workshops so that it is better understood by the recipients. 
These include:
- Understanding our own preferred effective communication style
- Interpreting other people's preferred style, both orally and written
- Increasing our influencing skills
- Recognising generational differences

The good news is that we can all improve our communication. 
If we can become better understood, we will become better at negotiating and influencing to our own point of view.
What company doesn't want its employees to be in that position? This is a fundamental building block of any of our team building theory and communication workshops.
Greater understanding can only lead to better and more effective communication which in turn can help to reduce conflict and misunderstanding within teams.

Effective Communication Workshops

One Day Workshop 
- For up to 10 delegates
- Including preferred communication style analysis
- Four interaction activities
- £75+VAT per additional delegate
- Cost: £995+VAT 
Two Day Workshop
- For up to 10 delegates
- Including preferred communication style analysis
- Eight interaction activities
- £50+VAT per additional delegate
- Cost: £1,995+VAT Team building Activity Day from as little as £800+VAT (for a standard treasure hunt for up to 25 participants)
*All prices are exclusive of venue and refreshment costs and any travel expenses incurred by the trainer that is over 100 miles

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