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I think the main advantage is in how it provides a non-confrontational and non-hierarchical language to describe a person's natural behavioural tendencies. The fact that it is behavioural based (rather than a psychometric assessment) and easily understood and used by people at all levels in an organisation is of course a big advantage, plus of course there is also the facility for observer feedback. The main disadvantage is that as behaviour is more open to change the assessments need to be done at reasonably regular intervals. This may however be regarded as an advantage and something that should be encouraged.

A Management Development Programme would benefit in a number of ways:
1. By enhancing a managers' awareness of their own style which could then be used as a basis for improving their team effectiveness.
2. By providing managers with a better understanding of their team and thereby enabling them to tap into these natural preferences when assigning work and when planning their future development.
3. By equipping managers with the ability to select effective teams and diagnose weaknesses in existing teams.

I suggest you consider getting each person to do a behaviour profile. This will provide you with valuable insights about each person's natural behavioural tendencies. Information can then be used to help decide who should be doing what and, as far as possible, ensure preferences and motivations are taken into account.

Team profiling models can be used to improve team performance in a number of ways. Here are four of them:
1. It helps each person to be clear about their natural contribution when working in a team.
2. By sharing this information between team members each person is aware of the role of other team members and can use this information to improve synergy.
3. By analysing the Team Roles of the whole team the team balance can be checked and steps taken to remedy any imbalance.
4. Hierarchy within teams is de-emphasised and individual contributions are encouraged on merit.

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