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High Performing Teams Workshop

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High Performing Teams Workshop

It’s Universal

Highly successful teams are those that create a routine around high standards, positivity and progress. It comes down to good habits versus good. So how do we make a habit of being better?
The Team Fitness Tool is based on 30+ years of research and work with teams and leaders around the world; it defines and strengthens the key elements and universal truths that most affect team performance.
The Team Fitness Tool is built to provide you and your team with a complete system for team assessment, increasing performance and fixing what isn’t working.
It all starts with seven elements—the foundation of the method and the reason why the system has been so effective and reliable.


If the team is not cohesive and the positive values that drive teams forward are not present, negative attitudes and unproductive behaviors will create cracks and take over. Inevitably, the result is a customer or client experience that falls below the capability, intent and desire of all of the team members.
The exercises in the Team Fitness Tool specifically address cohesiveness by helping teams:
*Identify where they are going and how they will get there
*Connect to their unique strengths
*Take ownership of the customer experience
*Build greater accountability for their mission and vision
*Understand the big picture and how the team contributes to the company’s vision
*Respect interprofessional roles and responsibilities
*Increase productivity and efficiency

Change Compatibility

Positive change is only possible if people are prepared and motivated to do it. Productively engaging the team to change should be the number one priority on a leader’s change management plan. And the degree to which a team can evolve and thrive during change is what we call change compatibility.
The exercises in the Team Fitness Tool specifically address change compatibility by helping teams:
*Recognize the impact teams’ attitudes can have on progress
*Learn how to replace negative thoughts with more productive ones
*Improve the ability to let go of old attitudes or old ideas that impact change
*Understand change management best practices
*Experience less stress and resistance to change
*Approach issues from a solution-oriented perspective
*Understand differences in how people experience and respond to change

Shared Leadership

When teams strengthen shared leadership, they increase staff engagement and participation and make team members more empowered to make decisions. A high performing team is one that makes members feel fully valued and that their input is equally considered in the decision-making process.
The exercises in the Team Fitness Tool specifically address shared leadership by helping teams:
*Identify the degree of influence team members feel they have
*Determine how a greater equalization of voices can be achieved
*Create greater participation in decision-making
*Identify and commit to practices that strengthen shared leadership
*Shorten leaders’ time spent solving interpersonal issues
*Promote self-reliance in teams and confidence in leaders

Group Work Skills

A team’s ability to work effectively in a collaborative meeting setting is critical to the team’s effectiveness outside of the meeting. If strong and collaborative decisions are not made and true consensus isn’t achieved, a team cannot function at its best. The group work skills element is key to measuring these skills and their effect on quality decision-making and facilitation.
The exercises in the Team Fitness Tool specifically address group work skills by helping teams:
*Organize and run team meetings in the most effective way possible
*Make the group sessions and team meetings a priority for members
*Leave team meetings with a better sense of accomplishment and alignment
*Develop effective communication in a meeting setting
*Improve the ability of the team to reach a consensus together
*Hone their ability to collaborate and problem-solve effectively

Innovative Thinking

High performance requires that team members actively search for new and better ways of doing things. Innovative thinking skills require people to listen openly to ideas with which they may not initially agree, challenge one another’s thinking and make an effort to think differently.
The exercises in the Team Fitness Tool specifically address innovative thinking by helping teams:
*Listen to each other’s approaches and different ways of thinking
*Question and challenge the status quo of the past 
*Build a better environment for idea sharing and creativity
*Encourage a greater amount of risk-taking
*Listen to, consider and vet new ideas or proposals
*Implement changes based on the innovative ideas of the team

Team Members’ Contribution

Fully contributing team members not only have clinical skills and knowledge but recognize that they share responsibility for ensuring the team achieves its goals.
Team members’ contribution measures the degree to which team members individually contribute to the team’s overall effectiveness by fulfilling their own responsibilities.
The exercises in the Team Fitness Tool specifically address team members’ contribution by helping teams:
*Reflect on their style and strengthen their personal contributions
*Improve the level of support members provide each other
*Increase responsibility for improving client experience
*Take the initiative to do what needs to be done without being asked
*Take ownership for solving issues
*Keep each other informed and effectively share the load
*Embrace opportunities to learn and grow


Climate refers to how members feel about the way the team functions, including their level of comfort with team norms of behavior. It truly is the foundation of a healthy, high performing team. And there’s research to suggest that a healthy work climate leads to higher job satisfaction, a healthier workforce (both physically and mentally), lower staff turnover, higher customer satisfaction and an improved bottom line.
The exercises in the Team Fitness Tool specifically address climate by helping teams:
*Clarify expectations of each other
*Build trust and respect
*Identify behaviors essential to a healthy climate
*Enable members’ feedback
*Uncover unproductive assumptions
*Resolve issues that have previously been ignored
*Create awareness of climate and take personal ownership of it

It’s time to thrive.

Let’s eliminate the team development struggle in the workplace and determine which elements are holding your team back. The Team Fitness Tool is the simple, yet powerful way to assess, take action and grow. With these seven elements as a foundation, the system provides you a reliable assessment and generates a personalized plan to address your team’s specific areas of need and increase team performance.

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As this is the first time the tool has become available in the UK, we are offering a huge 50% discount on each profile if purchased before 30th June 2019!

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