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Team Theory Workshops

At Team Building Solutions we are big fans of Team Building Theory and knowledge which is why we are constantly researching and investigation the latest techniques and processes and then transferring theory into practice so that our team building activities are not just fun but also designed to develop better team skills.
Below is a short list of some of our more popular team building theories that we use regularly to scuplt our events and activities:
Change Management When many businesses are going through a period of change it is important to manage it in the most effective way. We have developed a range of specific Change Management Workshops that utilize team building theory to maximise the potential of any team. Contact us today to find out more about our change management programmes.
Experiential Learning Even if you are using an internal facilitator, we can provide experiential activities to support the session. All they need to do is work out the objectives of the session and we can recommend activities that will support these objectives. As we know, people learn if different ways. Some people are better taking in written forms of communication whilst others learn more by doing. This is why experiential activities are a great way to add balance to a session so everyone can maximise their learning potential.
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