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Teambuilding Workshops

The team management guru, Charles Handy once described the organisation of people akin to herding cats - difficult by design! As a result, there are few managers who escape the often tricky problem of managing people and team work.

One of the frequent observations about conflict within teams is that there is a tendency to view other people's behaviour through our own behaviour. Therefore, when individuals do something that we perceive as 'strange' or 'obtrusive' for example, we are only viewing it from our perspective. To the person displaying the 'strange' behaviour, it may be perfectly normal to them and a large number of other people. This is the basis of misunderstanding which in turn can lead to effective team work breaking down.

The foundation of this teambuilding workshop is to understand how different people, ourselves included, behave as a basis for better teamwork.

We then go on to take a look at the dynamics of team development. This is done by using Bruce Tuckman's Model of Team Development. He identified clear stages of development that he described as Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Dorming.

We then relate this to the work of John Adairs action centred leadership who highlights the relationship between Task, Team and Individual. This gives delegates a great foundation of understanding not only what naturally occurs within teams of any age, but also how the needs of all the team must be met for effective team work to exist.

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