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Unusual Connections

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Team Theory Workshops / Unusual Connections Workshop

Unusual Connections

These sessions focus on stimulating creative thinking by relating theatre exercises and concepts back to the workplace. The benefits are therefore two-fold: creativity is developed at the same time as learning around workplace issues takes place

Maximising Team Communication Workshop
The world is changing at a fast pace and organisations face new challenges every day. The changes implemented by organisations can have a direct effect on individual performance and team productivity.

In order to maintain performance levels and be able to identify and seize new opportunities, talent needs to be retained and teams need to work creatively.
It is therefore essential for team members to take "time-out" together, to reflect on their current performance and set the path to improvement or continue down the road to success.
This process can reap greater benefits if team members are encouraged to think creatively together.

Why nurture creativity in your team members? Members of a creative team: - Are not afraid to think "out-of-the-box" - Understand the importance of individual - Accountability in the collaborative process - Value diversity of opinion - Seek out similarities when striving for a common goal Please enquire for a sample itinerary. Maximising Team Communication One Day Workshop £1,095 (For up to 25 delegates) To view some of our other team building workshops, please visit our Team Theory Workshops page.

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