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Why Teambuilding?

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Why Teambuilding?

Why Team building?

There is a distinction to be made between 'why team bonding' activities and 'why team building' activities. Teambuilding Solutions specialise in building teams using a variety of behavioural analysis tools and activities that stretch the individuals in ways that have real world relevance. This is not about having a 'jolly' although the delivery of the day will provide the participants with fun and learning. Companies have quite rightly cut down, (or indeed out), all non-essential spend, however, real team building delivers real results that will alter your culture and add to your bottom line. Team building Definition: Team building is an ongoing process that helps a work group evolve into a cohesive unit. The team members not only share expectations for accomplishing group tasks, but trust and support one another and respect one another's individual differences.

The Team Building to Team Bonding Continuum

There is a clear differential that must be made between types of 'team building' activities. At one end of the scale, we have interventions that develop the team and their understandings of themselves and their colleagues. The type of events we see in this type include workshops where team dynamics are discussed. They can be supported by psychometric or behavioural tests such as Belbin, SDI, MBTI, etc. These can also supported with experiential activities where the objective is to create situations where the team engage in discussion to overcome a physical of cerebral problem. What the activities should aim at is for participants to display their core behaviour. These can then be discussed in terms of their contribution to the team. In contrast, team bonding activities are all about creating a shared experience that creates a feel-good factor between team members and also generates some friendly internal competition between team members.

What can I expect from the different types of activities?

Team Building and Development

Activities that involve team collaboration, discussion and decision making.
Use of team development theory to frame discussions.

Use of psychometrics/behaviour analysis tools.
Facilitated discussions during and/ or after activities.

The emphasis is on the team.

Team Bonding

Activities that are fun in nature and have an emphasis on the experience. These types of activities include archery and clay shooting. There is no feedback required and they usually involve competition between teams. The communication is fun and jocular and no mention of teamwork during the end of session wrap up.

The emphasis is on the activity.

Level playing field

Another aspect of our training and is particularly relevant to team building and experiential learning, is that everyone is on the same level during an activity due to its uniqueness. Educational levels disappear when it comes down to how best tackle a problem. Essentially, our previous experiences are stripped bare so that the essence of our teamwork is brought to the front. This aspect also reinforces the core aspect of our facilitated events - it's centred on the individual.


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