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Complete your Belbin Online Profile here! Complete your Belbin team role inventories online with an individual feedback report returned via email. The report will be delivered as a PDF email attachment. You can complete the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory(SPI) with or without Observer Assessments to find out your team role preferences. You will also receive written expert advice from Meredith Belbin about your management style. What is Belbin? Belbin is a team building theory developed by Dr Meredith Belbin which helps illustrate how different people have different values and work in different ways. Understanding each others competencies is a critical strand to effective communication and team work. For more information about Belbin and the characteristics of what makes us all different visit our Belbin team role. The cost is only £30 GBP per person. The SPI only takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS READY. Upon successful payment, your credit card will be debited for the total of: £30 GBP (UK Sterling) You can complete the BELBIN SELF-PERCEPTION INVENTORY (SPI) and Observer Assessments. Once payment is complete, you will be emailed a unique link that allows you to return to the Belbin website to complete your SPI and Observer data at any time within a 2 year period. Only £30 SPI Belbin Report
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